St. Michael's Finnish Ev. Lutheran Church has been lead by pastor Mira Salmelainen since January 2020.

If you wish to reach her, call 514 550 3101 or e-mail mira.salmelainen(at)finnishchurchmontreal.com

Links to our online services are shared via our e-mailing list. You can also contact the pastor to get the link if you wish to join in our online worship!


St. Michael’s Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church has been blessed to have Pastor Mira serving the congregation since the beginning of 2020. The call of Pastor Mira Salmelainen was extended by the decision of the church council, at least until the end of 2023!


We all hope to resume normal activities once the pandemic settles, although as always with surprises, not everything has been gloomy during these unprecedented times. With Pastor Mira’s lead, our congregation has taken a huge digital leap, the fruits of which we will certainly keep carrying even after we return to the “new normal” one day.


The church council is so very happy to have Pastor Mira guiding the congregation for at least another two full years and we wish to invite everyone to join the activities of St. Michael’s Church! Information on our activities is available on our website, Facebook page and via email.

Congrats Mira & Congregation!

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on average, twice a month on Zoom for now.


10 a.m. Sundays