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EVA-Trio coming to Montreal!

Internationally-known EVA-Trio, a Finnish folk-fusion trio, is coming to Pyhän Mikaelin Kirkko/St. Michael's Finnish! As part of this year's Kalevala celebration, the St. Michael's is sponsoring the group's concert at 4345 Marcil, NDG, at 11 am Sunday March 4 (for map and other info see "contact" in this website). The Kalevala celebration will also include readings from the Kalevala and a display of national costumes! The vocalist of EVA-Trio is also one of the singers of the famous Rajaton group. Just this last fall their concert in Ottawa at the Arts Center was filled to the brim.... several thousand people at least. Come hear EVA-Trio in a warm, much more intimate concert atmosphere this March 4 here in Montreal! Free admission, but space is limited!

Post scriptum: You can now watch a 10-min video of the concert here and enjoy the beautiful songs again!

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