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NDG Seniors receive support through St. Michael's COV-AID

The senior population has been one of the groups most affected by the coronavirus crisis. Not only does has the virus itself imposed a bigger risk to our senior citizens, the many restrictions we have faced this year - starting from isolation and not being allowed to gather with family - as well as the many problems in long-term care homes have put our elderly neighbours in a very vulnerable position both physically and mentally. That is why we are very happy to announce that our last COV-AID donation of 1000 dollars goes to supporting the seniors in our community through the NDG Senior Citizens’ Council!

Founded in 1975, the NDGSCC has grown from a workshop to a non-profit community organization aiming to improve the quality of life of those low-income residents of NDG and Montreal West who are 50 years of age and over. During the pandemic NDGSCC has helped the seniors in our community with their groceries, taxes, pharmaceuticals, and essential transport trips and have made thousands of phone calls to make sure no one is forgotten. We are beyond grateful for the love the NDGSCC has shown to our elderly neighbours during this difficult time but are also inspired by what they were doing in our community long before the pandemic started. For years, with a group of dedicated volunteers and four decades worth of experience, the NDGSCC has been working hard to address the impacts of social and economic isolation of seniors. It is probably fair to say that the council’s already-existing networks as well as their expertise in the field and their commitment to making sure seniors get the support they need has been beyond valuable this year.

The very powerful NDGSCC motto “Dignity, not charity” says it all. The council aims to empower seniors and give them a sense of belonging by means of community, compassion, and respect. Whether it is at their Boomer Café or with the Sassy Seniors program the council works hard to create opportunities for seniors to connect with their peers over coffee, healthy food, companionship, yoga, outings, and other activities. But that’s not all the council does. With their multiple programs, they also make sure that seniors get help in such things as understanding government services and finding the appropriate resources. In 2019 the NDGSCC’s tax clinic helped over 200 seniors and their Action Transport program makes sure that those who can’t drive, are unable to use regular public transportation or are ineligible for adapted transport, can get to their medical appointments and treatments. The individual advocacy services the NDGSCC offers serve as a bridge between seniors and the formal public sector helping those who are, for example, waiting for a social worker to be assigned to them or in need of an air conditioner. Because many public sector departments have extensive wait lists, this service is especially valuable as it offers the seniors help in a timely and caring manner.

On top of all this, the NDGSCC is also an educator in our community. Being connected to a wider network of organizations on various levels and involved in research in both academic, government and professional settings, helps the council to share its expertise and to make sure that the voice of seniors is heard in all sectors of society. Issues affecting low-income 50+ citizens are either absent or under-represented in discussions by many groups, so the collective and comprehensive approach of the NDGSCC is really making a big difference in our community.

You can make a difference, too, by donating to this important cause! Every dollar donated helps the seniors in our community.

More information about the NDGSCC and how to make your donation at We would appreciate it if you mentioned St. Michael’s COV-AID when making your donation - it helps us in building lasting relationships with these amazing organizations.

St. Michael’s COV-AID encourages you to support this cause and share the info on social media. Stay safe, stay healthy, and love your neighbour!

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