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McGill University Health Centre Foundation receives support from St. Michael's COV-AID campaign

As the world is waiting for a vaccine against COVID-19, those hospitalized because of the virus have learned how hard it is to focus on recovery when you are not even allowed to have anyone visit you. This time our St. Michael’s COV-AID donation of 1000 dollars goes to support these patients and their families through the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation!

Already in 2017 the MUHC Foundation, together with McGill University, made a commitment for the next decade to fight against issues like antibiotic resistance, tuberculosis in Canada’s North, and the next global pandemic. The Foundation’s investments and efforts have brought together over 250 researchers and the partnerships and research infrastructure they have built over the last couple of years allowed Montreal to immediately act against the coronavirus. It’s no wonder, then, that the MUHC Foundation has played a global leadership role in the fight against COVID-19 right from the beginning. Even though infectious and immune diseases have been the MUHC Foundation’s top priority for the last three years, they are now focusing their efforts to fighting the ongoing pandemic. With a special COVID-19 Fund the MUHC Foundation has wanted to offer help with urgent hospital needs related to the pandemic and to provide seed funding for research projects, including cures, vaccines, and improved diagnostics.

At the moment one of the MUHC Foundation’s most urgent needs is supporting the patients currently hospitalized at their health centre. Being sick is one thing, but with the new guidelines made necessary by the pandemic, patients are not allowed to leave their rooms or have outside visitors. And as we can probably all imagine, being alone in isolation without having much to do has a negative impact on the patients’ recovery. That is why the MUHC Foundation is seeking opportunities to provide patients with free television and wi-fi access as well as tablets to help them connect with their loved ones. We are thrilled to hear that our COV-AID donation of 1000 dollars will be used to make sure that 40 patients at MUHC can stay connected with their families and focus on their recovery during this incredibly stressful time.

Your donation, too, can make a difference! Every dollar donated to this cause allows the scientific community to fight against COVID-19 and make sure that those who are hospitalized because of it can be as comfortable as possible.

More information on the MUHC Foundation and how to make your donation at We would appreciate it if you mentioned St. Michael’s COV-AID when making your donation - it helps us in building lasting relationships with these amazing organizations.

St. Michael’s COV-AID encourages you to support this cause and share the info on social media. Stay safe, stay healthy, and love your neighbour!

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