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Sing-along fundraising, part 2

As a continuation for Ismo Makkonen's 40's-60's sing-along event that was held on February 25, St. Michael's hosted a second sing-along evening on March 23. This was a 5@7-style event with wine, pop and snacks, and we sang both Finnish and international tunes from the 70's-00's, lead by Saku Mantere and his guitar. With these two events, we were able to raise $500 to support the Rohingya Refugee Relief. Good job everyone, and thank you for participating in these fun events!

Also worth mentioning is that after this sing-along event, many found themselves at a nearby restaurant continuing the nice evening as the Finnish Monthly Nights out had brought their dinner event to the neighborhood. What a genius way to combine activities in the Finnish community!

Here is a video we put together of the sing-along event. It also features important information about the Rohingya Refugees, and why they desperately need our help. Think about donating a few dollars, if you can.

And here are some pictures!

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