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St. Michael's COV-AID supports The Depot

The first organization St. Michael’s COV-AID is proud to support with a donation of 1000 dollars is The Depot Community Food Centre!

The Depot (formerly the NDG Food Depot) is a non-profit organization that works, among other things, to increase access to healthy food for community members in situations of low income, to reduce social isolation, and to promote knowledge of poverty, social justice, and food system issues.

The COVID-19 crisis has shown how fragile many people are in terms of financial and health security and how many people are having difficulty just putting food on the family table. The new reality we live in has forced The Depot to switch to full emergency response mode. This means that they have put all other food programming on hold for the time being and are focusing on coordinating efforts with other organizations and getting food baskets out to families that are really feeling the financial impacts of the coronavirus. Bonnie Soutar, who works as the Director of Development at The Depot, tells us that they source food, pack baskets and deliver emergency food to over 80 families every day - that means that every week about 300-400 households get help. In the past few weeks The Depot has registered about 1,200 requests for help, and over 36,000 lbs of food has been delivered!

At the moment The Depot staff works in three teams to organize the registration, packing and delivery of the baskets. Everything is being done using hygienic and safe methods to minimize contact for staff and basket recipients and to keep everyone safe. Each basket includes fresh foods such as eggs, milk and fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutritious staples such as dried lentils and beans, grains, rice, oats and pasta as well as canned tomatoes, fish, soups, vegetables and more.

The donation from St. Michael’s COV-AID will directly help low-income households have access to these critical food baskets and your donation can do the same! No amount is too small, every dollar will contribute to a positive impact! Any donation over $20 will receive a charitable receipt for income tax purposes.

How to make a donation? There are a couple of ways:

1. Go to

Scroll down past the registration form for people needing emergency food to fill out a form.

2. Mail a cheque to

The Depot Community Food Centre

Box 22528 Station Monkland

Montréal, QC H4A 3T4

We would appreciate it if you mentioned St. Michael’s COV-AID in the notes - it helps us in building lasting relationships with these amazing organizations.

Need more information? Go to

St. Michael’s COV-AID encourages you to support this cause and share the info on social media. Stay safe, stay healthy, and love your neighbour!

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